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What is josh Archive!

josh Archive! is the integrated solution which completely automates all of the actions necessary for carrying out the Document Archiving and Digital Substitutive Conservation processes: from the initial scanning of the document to their conservation, passing through the intermediate phases of archiving, signature and saving on a digital device, josh Archive! is the innovative and rigorous solution which fully meets the legislative regulations in force; it is simple and integrated with the most commonly used applications.

josh Archive! solves the problems linked to the manual management of documents and contributes to making the business processes within the organization more versatile and streamlined.

Document Archiving is one of the elements that characterizes josh Archive!; in addition to preparing documents for successive Conservation (optional), josh Archive! provides the company with an easy to use and practical portal for consulting the documents.

Whether the documents are natively electronic or paper, they are archived automatically in the target folders in Microsoft SharePoint, a powerful document management system which is perfectly integrated into josh Archive!.

The SharePoint document management system is different from a traditional file systems in terms of fundamental features, namely:

  • It supports all file types
  • Version management (Major & Minor Version)
  • Permissions up to the single file level
  • Freely defined classification metadata for document collection
  • Search by content (full-text) and by metadata
  • Customized searches through Search Server functions
  • Automatic notification of changes in documents of interest

Ad hoc functions for the structuring and profiling of folders, management of different types of documents, authorization check make it possible to suitably prepare the document archiving environment and make it compliant with the needs of the organizational context in which it is used.

The elevated native integration with Microsoft Office totally simplifies access to the document repository and makes the platform itself a valid tool for daily use. josh Archive! is perfectly integrated into the josh platform, the Organization Intelligence and Business Process Management system created by it Consult. Using the powerful modeling tool, josh Designer, the processes (workflows) can be graphically designed and the rules for task activity content and assignment can be defined easily and powerfully.

Archiving the document within the document system is the automatic start of the process: this makes it possible to define the actions which must be carried out by the operators in relation to the document, allowing both the monitoring of the advancement of the process and its subsequent verification.

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In addition, the Conservation Process Manager, who is responsible for checking the validity of the process, is well supported by the system in carrying out this delicate activity: special josh functions integrated with josh Archive! remind the user of deadlines and suggest the actions to be taken. This way josh Archive! becomes a piece in the puzzle of the complete strategy which, through josh, takes the organization to high levels of productivity and efficiency, through the formalization and automation of the business processes, directly handled by management, without the need for the intermediation of the IT personnel.

ERP integration

Integrazione josh archive erp

josh Archive! makes it possible to automatically archive documents originated from the management system (ERP) through a service that is always running that automatically takes the generated documents and transfers them to the appropriate folders of the document management system. The documents, automatically archived upon generations, are rapidly available in the document environment and immediately usable by the users in compliance with the assigned authorizations and skills.

josh Archive! makes it possible to enrich documents with properties and metadata automatically assigned values upon archiving or successively, thus increasing the possibilities of use in terms of classification and research.

Additional josh Archive! components, together with a limited customization/development activity, make it possible to access and view the documents that have been archived directly by the management interface. This greatly facilitates the activity of those who want to rapidly view the content of the document, avoiding the classic accessing of the document environment through the corporate portal.

All it Consult software solutions are also available in the cloud environment, both as a PaaS service (Platform As A Service) using Microsoft Azure, and in SaaS mode (Software As a Service).

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