SLA it Consult


Service Level Agreement


The objective of this “Service Level Agreement” (hereinafter for brevity “SLA”) is to define the reference parameters for the provision of the it Consult SaaS service (hereinafter for brevity “Service”) and for monitoring the level of quality actually delivered.

This SA is an integral part of the Contract between it Consult and the Customer with the methods provided by the General Contract Conditions.

This SLA applies separately to each Customer and for each Contract.



This SLA enters into force indefinitely for each Customer from the conclusion of each Contract and ends with the termination of the Contract to which it refers. it Consult reserves the right to modify or replace it several times during the Contract term and at any time. Changes made to the SLA or the new SLA – replacing the previous one – come into force with a minimum notice of seven days, always indefinitely or until the next modification or replacement, from the date of their communication by e-mail sent to the e-mail address indicated when ordering. In this case, however, the Customer is given the right to withdraw from the Contract in the manner provided in the Contract itself within thirty days from the communication of the modification and/or replacement of the SLA. If the Customer decides to withdraw from the contract, the Service Supply Conditions will apply.



it Consult will make every economically reasonable effort to ensure maximum availability of the Service and, at the same time, compliance with the following operational functionality parameters, also called SLI or Service Level Indicator, i.e. specific quantitative measures of certain service quality aspects and related values guaranteed by it Consult, also called SLO (Service Level Objective):

CodeIndicator NameDescriptionGuaranteed Value
SLI1​Availability​The percentage of time on a monthly basis in which the service is accessible and usable (Uptime) 99.5%
SLI2​Support hoursThe time when the technical support service is operational​from MONDAY to FRIDAY

8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

(excluding holidays)

SLI3​Maximum First Support Response Time​The maximum time that elapses between the reporting of an incident by the customer and the initial response to the reporting by it Consult​120 min

(within the Support hours)​

Any anomalies to the services provided are detected through two different operating modes:

  • User reporting by communication via telephone, website or e-mail;
  • Internal monitoring

Availability excludes interruptions that occur during scheduled shut downs, those caused by the Customer or by equipment in the Customer’s building, and/or by natural disasters. it Consult monitors the system 24/7, including the network and applications necessary for the operation of the Platform. The calculation of operational discontinuities, for the purposes of the applicability of any compensation, is carried out only in the presence of anomalies that prevent fundamental processing (to be understood also as blocking an application).

In fact, the complete inaccessibility to the infrastructure for a total amount of time longer than that determined by the Availability parameter guaranteed by it Consult constitutes a disservice for which, based on its duration, the latter must pay the customer the credit due pursuant to Article 6 of this SLA. If it Consult does not satisfy the SLA, the customer is entitled to receive the service credit as described below.



Scheduled maintenance time is not taken into account when calculating the Availability. Scheduled maintenance concerns the activities carried out regularly by it Consult to maintain the functionality of the infrastructure resources through which the Service is provided; both scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance is considered.

It Consult will inform the customer of scheduled maintenance interventions with a minimum notice of 72 hours by e-mail sent to the e-mail address indicated when ordering. Notifications will not be sent to the Customer if the scheduled maintenance does not imply potential disservice.

Non-scheduled maintenance, or maintenance to be carried out with urgency at it Consult’s unquestionable judgement to avoid dangers to the security, stability, confidentiality, integrity of the Service will in any case be communicated to the Customer by e-mail sent to the e-mail address indicated when ordering, with adequate notice, or simultaneously with the start of the operations in question or in any case as soon as possible.

In all cases, it undertakes to support every reasonable effort to complete maintenance activities at times with a minimal impact on operations.



The Customer can report any faults and/or anomalies in the Service by opening a ticket on the assistance service at;

The Customer can inform the it Consult assistance service of faults or anomalies through the ticketing procedure. Any report received will be promptly forwarded to technical support, strictly respecting the chronological order of receipt.

it Consult monitors the service using specific software that detects and indicates any faults or anomalies, giving real-time communication to the operational assistance service (HELP-DESK).



Pursuant to this SLA, it Consult recognizes the Customer, as compensation, a service credit calculated as indicated below:

  • If, during one calendar month, the Availability is less than 99.5%, the service credit will be equal to 15% of the monthly rate for the month in which the disservice occurred;

To be recognized the credit(s), the Customer must contact the it Consult Assistance Service by opening a ticket on the website within 48 hours from the end of the disservice. Credits recognized by it Consult will be settled exclusively by crediting the relative amount to the customer’s Account.

Pursuant to this SLA document, it Consult will respond within the limits provided therein, expressly excluding any other compensation or indemnification to the Customer for direct or indirect damages of any nature and species. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that, in all cases in which the SLA document does not apply, it Consult will respond only within the limits of the service credit indicated herein, and that the actual period of the disservice suffered will always be notified.



The following are the conditions in which, despite the occurrence of any disservices, the Customer is not due the compensation provided for by the SLA:

  • Force Majeure events, that is, events that objectively prevent it Consult staff from intervening to carry out the activities set out in the Contract against it Consult (merely by way of example and not limited to: strikes and demonstrations with blocking of routes communication; road accidents; wars and acts of terrorism; natural disasters such as floods, storms, hurricanes, etc.);
  • Non-scheduled interventions to be carried out urgently at the unquestionable judgement of it Consult to avoid dangers to the security and/or stability and/or confidentiality and/or integrity of the Service. The possible execution of these interventions will in any case be communicated to the Customer by e-mail sent to the e-mail address indicated when ordering with notice of even less than 48 hours or simultaneously with the start of the operations in question or in any case as soon as possible;
  • unavailability or blockages of the Service attributable to:
    1. orrincect use, incorrect configuration or commands, voluntarily or involuntarily executed by the customer;
    2. anomalies and malfunctions of the application/software supplied by third parties;
    3. default or breach of Contract attributable to the Customer;
    4. failure to connect the virtual infrastructure(s) to the public network due to the Customer’s will or fact;
  • causes that determine the total or partial inaccessibility of the Service due to failures in the internet network outside the perimeter of it Consult and in any case beyond its control (merely by way of example, failures or problems).