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The it Consult objective is to start from the core of Document Management around which its BPM system is build, leading to the development, also on request of the clients, of functions relating to Case Management, Document Archiving, Substitutive Conservation, Search, Dematerialization, Imaging and E-Forms.
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Organization Intelligence is a new discipline that represents a model, a development and an enhancement of the Intelligence created by an organization which passes through the three important points that sustain the josh development strategy on the basis of a broad scoped strategic approach. The main pilasters on which it Consult Approach to Knowledge Management stand are the processes, the competences necessary for carrying them out and the content that is managed and monitored by the processes.
Knowledge Management is the management of business knowledge, the most valuable commodity for a modern organization. Depending on the context and source of information, this term refers to a set of concepts which are different, but generally not disassociated. The following is a rather general definition: Knowledge Management (KM) is the set of methods and technological tools used to gather and capitalize the explicit and implicit knowledge of all of the people that make up an organization, which allows the formal creation, modification and distribution (or sharing) of the same. Naturally, this meaning of knowledge includes: documents, data, facts, judgments, methodologies, algorithms, know-how, best-practices, processes etc.
There is an enormous difference, the same one between a part and the whole. Certainly, in the context of a KM solution a document management module (DM) is absolutely necessary for recording and finding a good part of the explicit knowledge. But confusing one for the other would be like saying that an automobile and a wheel are the same thing! Metaphors aside, a DM software must, in particular, allow access to different types of documents, with at least the functions of full-text search, categorization, versioning and blocking of simultaneous modification. All functions which, among other things, are available in josh .Doc, the DM module in the it Consult Knowledge Management platform.
First of all, it must be said that a workflow (WF) is the formal but synthetic description of a process (business process). It is made up of a series of tasks (elementary activities), cyclical or alternating, to be performed to obtain a precise result. And so a WFMS is a distributed software system that: -makes it possible to define (or describe) processes through a language which is usually graphic; it makes it possible to specify the characteristics that the participants (human) in the workflow must have; it instantiates and manages the single occurrences of the workflows, interacting with the participants (or wf actors) and calling up external applications.
Essentially for two reasons: - to describe the innate knowledge in the processes, otherwise difficult to capture and explain; - to trace which documents are produced and then measure which and how much they are to be consulted in the course of the various activities, making it possible for a software agent to suggest those most pertinent for each situation. It is one of the architectural choices that characterizes josh, the it Consult KM platform.
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