The it Consult solutions

it Consult creates tools that can support private and public companies in the digitisation of documents and processes, eliminating paper, ensuring greater efficiency and speed of business processes and allowing constant assessment of the Organisation’s performance.

We have a solution for any specific digitisation requirement:

  • josh for the design, execution and monitoring of all business processes.
  • josh Archive! for document archiving and replacement digital storage.
  • josh Protocol! for the IT Protocol in accordance with the law.

it Consult solutions adapt to companies of different sizes and sectors, given their versatile nature and global approach. The scope of application is extremely vast and able to meet the most varied needs in corporate areas such as management, administration, sales, quality control and human resources.

All it Consult software solutions are also available in the cloud environment and in particular are integrated with the Microsoft Azure and Office 365 (SharePoint Online) platforms.

josh, josh Protocol! e josh Archive! can be used on cloud as a PaaS (Platform As A Service) service using Microsoft Azure or in SaaS (Software As a Service) mode by purchasing a service that includes software and infrastructure licenses. Moreover, as a document repository it is possible to use both “traditional” Microsoft SharePoint and the SharePoint Online service.

What are the advantages of the Cloud?

  • Reduction of costs related to IT infrastructure: the hardware and software expenses and those for managing the network are lowered because they are borne by the provider.
  • Increased flexibility and scalability: the possibility of an easy and prompt adjustment of contractual and infrastructure conditions, according to needs;

  • Greater productivity: related to the fact that resources previously almost completely dedicated to infrastructure management are freed;
  • Access to the cloud on the move and without constraints: data can be connected to from anywhere and at any time, even though smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers; moreover, you are not bound to use particular hardware or certain network configurations but any fixed or mobile device with internet connection through any browser can be used.

Moreover, the Microsoft cloud platforms that support our solutions are able to ensure very high levels of security and performance.

Consult the it Consult SaaS Service Level Agreement.

it Consult guarantees a very high level of security.


All josh family products use the Alba Design graphic interface, which can make the most of the potential of modern browsers and is optimised for mobile use via tablet.