The it Consult Quality system is Certified in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, through the prestigious TÜV certifying body, for the following field of application:

  • Design, development, installation and assistance of software for organization intelligence: business process management, document management, enterprise content management and knowledge management. Provision of information technology consulting services. (IAF 33, 35)

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At it Consult certification is truly intended to be a support to the company’s daily business, and certainly not as a bureaucratic infrastructure, at the service of the quality actually passed on to clients.

Most of the company’s technical personnel, from the Development and Systems & Consulting offices, hold Professional Certifications and, in particular

  • OMG Certified Expert in BPM
  • Josh Certified Professional (the certification that the Company awards professionals with proven experience in it Consult technologies)
  • Microsoft Certified Technology
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

The latter certifications are among the prerequisites that it Consult must have to maintain its qualification as Microsoft Gold Partner.

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Microsoft Partner Gold - It consult

In fact, Microsoft certifies the technical preparation of the people and the suitability of the solutions proposed by its best partners, attributing a level of partnership to the relationship (from simple registered partner to managed partner) and of the specific competences with Silver or Gold attributes (depending on the number of certified professional and of real success references).

it Consult boasts the maximum level envisioned with the following competences:

  • Gold Application Development
    Gold Application Development competency qualifies activities in the development of complex software platforms based on Microsoft infrastructure.
  • Gold Collaboration and Content
    With more than 125 million licenses sold, Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most widespread server products in the history of Microsoft.
    The Microsoft Collaboration and Content competency permits the use of the numerous services offered by SharePoint, demonstrating the ability to offer solutions that put the various teams in contact with each other, improve access to information and increase productivity.

Microsoft asserts that only 1% of Microsoft partners on a world level possess the Gold competences. It is therefore an extremely selective program with several tens of available competences, capable of acknowledging the excellence of a select few market operators that work with Microsoft technologies.