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it Consult solutions are successfully used in many industries, across the boards in terms of market, organisation and commodities industry, both in the public and private sectors.

These are some of the many success cases that it Consult solutions have achieved.

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All Chemical & Drugs Food Insurance – Banks - Finance Manufacture Press – Cinema - Arts Public Administrations Real Estates


Thanks to josh, Galdi was able to make the non-conformity management process efficient by reducing time and resources spent on purely operational activities.


it Consult, with josh Protocol!, has allowed UNINETTUNO to improve its performance in research, classification and access to documents of the entire organisation.


Thanks to josh, the Montenegro Group was able to take control of the work processes, making them simple and saving time and resources.


Thanks to josh, VAY has defined its business processes in a timely manner, making them more streamlined and efficient.

EFI Reggiani

it Consult helped EFI Reggiani with the josh Archive! tool to cut search and management times for documents and thereby reduce costs and boost individual…


For Miele, it Consult has supplied josh, the software for the management and execution of business processes.


With josh, Solvay succeeded in achieving quick, homogeneous document management by integrating it with existing work processes and exploiting the possibilities of SharePoint more fully.

Apulia Previdenza

it Consult, with josh, allowed Apulia Previdenza to face and overcome with little effort the challenge of switching from paper to all-digital, by automating its…

Banca Ubae

it Consult provided Banca UBAE with josh, the software to support the organisation's business processes. With josh, Banca UBAE managed to make document management fast…

Latteria Vipiteno

For the Latteria Vipiteno case, it Consult supplied josh Archive!, a software for document filing and substitutive conservation.

Musei Vaticani

For Musei Vaticani, it Consult has provided josh, the software supporting organizations business processes. With josh, Musei Vaticani managed to speed up internal procedures, making…

Sanlorenzo Yacht

it Consult helped Sanlorenzo to streamline procedures, to automate several processes and to allow the various actors involved in the production cycle to collaborate better.


Using a document management platform based on SharePoint technology and josh, the company created a single method for share information and processes, thus increasing internal…


Thanks to josh Archive!, it Consult has rationalized the flows of all movements, ensuring maximum usability and maximum information sharing to all of the internal…
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