Apulia Previdenza


it Consult for Apulia Previdenza

it Consult, with josh, allowed Apulia Previdenza to face and overcome with little effort the challenge of switching from paper to all-digital, by automating its key processes.

josh was identified, through the StartPointNet software selection, as the ideal tool to comply with regulations and as a BPM (Business Process Management) tool. Thanks to its flexibility and ease of use, it was straightforward to design, map and move on to the Governance of all the corporate processes.

Walter Viera – Manager of the Information and Organization Systems for Apulia

Main needs

Apulia Previdenza’s most pressing needs were meeting with regulatory compliance:

  • to map the operational processes: having a deep knowledge of the process (the who, how and when);
  • to improve transparency and efficiency by using a tool allowing processes design and automated production of related documents which were previously prepared manually.

Our solution

Facilitate process management and keep under control the stage of every single activity, simply by accessing from a single and immediate dashboard. Simplify and make synchronisation and communication between the subjects involved more efficient. All while on the move.

All this through the adoption of the josh platform.

Some benefits

The analysis of the processes has allowed Apulia Previdenza to obtain economic benefits in addition to higher productivity and efficiency.

  • from an initial situation in which the users were passive participants, users have grown aware and are now an active part of the process;
  • meeting the deadlines of each case, avoiding oversights or delays which could lead to monetary penalties and claims.