it Consult for Vay

Thanks to josh, VAY has defined its business processes in a timely manner, making them more streamlined and efficient. Thanks to josh Archive!, it was also able to manage B2B Electronic Invoicing and Digital Replacement Storage in an integrated manner.

josh is first and foremost a guide and help for those who have to carry out the activities. It is an indispensable tool for knowing the progress of the process at all company levels, thus avoiding spending time in alignment meetings with low added value.

Massimiliano Chiarappa, Chief Operating Officer, Vay S.p.a.”

Main needs

The main needs expressed by VAY were:

  • to carefully manage and monitor the various business processes, being able to measure both correct execution and effectiveness because until then, business processes were managed informally, through the use of e-mail, PowerPoint, Excel sheets, etc.
  • to significantly improve communication and collaboration between the offices avoiding errors and misunderstandings (also caused by word of mouth)

Our solution

Eliminate the waste of time and resources in business processes, increasing flexibility and ease in formalising and reviewing individual processes and activities.

All this through the adoption of the josh platform.

Some benefits

By using josh and josh Archive!, VAY obtained significant benefits such as:

  • reduction of waste and errors and easy identification of bottlenecks;
  • controlling work flows through real-time monitoring of activities and the possibility of analysing the ex-post results;
  • reduction of wasted time and resources in work processes, which are more effective and simpler.