EFI Reggiani


it Consult for EFI Reggiani

it Consult helped EFI Reggiani with the josh Archive! tool to cut search and management times for documents and thereby reduce costs and boost individual productivity. With josh the purchase authorisation process has become sleeker and more efficient.

josh Archive! has turned out to be a simple tool but at the same time, powerful and always reliable. We had been planning to pass to digital storage for many years, but I would never have thought that dematerialization targets could be so close!

Ambrogio Caccia Dominioni, Managing Director, EFI Reggiani

Main needs

The main needs that emerged in EFI Reggiani were:

  • to boost efficiency and speed up the time-consuming activity of searching and using documents. Specifically, there was an alarming situation in which one department needed to call up another to source documents;
  • to notably improve communication and collaboration between departments, avoiding inaccuracies and misunderstandings (caused through word of mouth communication).

Our solution

Automate document archiving, make it easier and faster to use documents when needed, with the assurance that the version is always up to date. Ensure a streamlining of the processes considered most critical and complex.

All this through the adoption of the josh and josh Archive! platforms.

Some benefits

By using josh and josh Archive!, EFI Reggiani has achieved important benefits, such as:

  • notable time savings, thanks also to the greater staff autonomy when seeking and consulting documents – which are now accessible from all desks without having to move and can be viewed by more than one person at a time;
  • management is now able to check the progress of activities at any time, in complete transparency.
  • before the implementation of josh and josh Archive! average access time for one of these documents was about 7 minutes. Now, EFI Reggiani has been able to cut these times to an average of about 1 minute.