Latteria Vipiteno


it Consult for Latteria Vipiteno

For the Latteria Vipiteno case, it Consult supplied josh Archive!, a software for document filing and substitutive conservation.

With SharePoint and josh Archive! we have succeeded in reaching all of the objectives we had set. In particular, we have managed to integrate our management system with Document Filing which we needed. This allows us to avoid as much as possible the circulation of paper in the company by making documents accessible in digital form at the various work stations and, finally, it guarantees the Conservation functions.

Luis Wild EDP Manager

Main needs

Over the years, strong needs emerged at Latteria Vipiteno, as:

  • being able to manage the imposing quantity of documents generated by the ERP activities;
  • reaching the objective of legally compliant substitutive conservation;
  • making documents available in digital format to people from different locations.

Our solution

Simplify the archiving of documents and make the search for documentation more immediate and more efficient also through the use of “virtual files”, eliminating as much as possible the use and circulation of paper within the company.

All this through the adoption of the josh Archive!.

Some benefits

Thanks to a gradual and targeted adoption of the new functions, Latteria Vipiteno, succeeded in introducing significant benefits to the organization, namely:

  • access portal to all company documentation
  • streamlining of the operational processes
  • savings deriving from the automatic transmission of the documents (shipping documents and receipts) in digital form
  • substitutive conservation.

In the future, other benefits deriving from the automation of additional operational processes, even non document related, will be added to the above benefits through the use of josh.