Sanlorenzo Yacht


it Consult for Sanlorenzo S.p.A.

it Consult developed a document management solution for Sanlorenzo based on Microsoft SharePoint that allows the shipyard to streamline procedures, automate several processes and to allow the various actors involved in the production cycle to collaborate better.

Main needs

The main needs that emerged in SanLorenzo were:

  • to manage documents in a heterogeneous format: personal productivity, design, accounting documents;
  • to favor collaboration between the various company divisions;
  • to automate the processes of the passive cycle and the productive work­ows.

Our solution

The solution resulting from the work carried out jointly by it Consult and Microsoft, has made it possible to streamline the assessment and technical-production management processes which are generally very complex and can take a long time.

Some benefits

By using josh and josh Protocol!, Sanlorenzo Yacht has achieved important benefits, such as:

  • streamlining of evaluation and technical- productive management processes;
  • reduction in approval times and technical management document finding times.