it Consult for Miele

For Miele, it Consult has supplied josh, the software for the management and execution of business processes.

For several years, at Miele Italy, we had a difficult time in maintaining application and functional developments based on the Lotus platform updated. This led to the need to identify a more flexible and modern tool that would allow us to overcome these limits and to intervene with agility on our business processes. While we had very competent internal resources, we needed to – on the one hand – operate independently, and on the other be able to specifically count on specialized external interventions. Through josh and thanks to the support of Systems and it Consult, we succeeded in reaching our objective to develop and manage our system with extreme efficiency and autonomy.

Alois Hofer – IT Manager – Miele Italia

Main needs

Miele Italy set itself the goal of going beyond the limits and the main needs were:

  • to be able to govern, in full autonomy and with extreme flexibility, the processes and the document system;
  • to be able to manage the complex operative activities with the possibility of designing, updating, executing and real time monitoring of the relative processes.

Our solution

Ensure an increase in productivity, with consequent savings in time, resources and greater efficiency in the management, modifiability and monitoring of individual processes.

All this through the adoption of the josh platform.

Some benefits

With josh, Miele Italy obtained the strategic, functional and operative results, such as:

  • productivity and autonomy in process development and maintenance
  • integration with the traditional work environment to minimize the impact on employees
  • improvement in the quality and efficiency of process execution.

All of this with a profoundly developmental perspective in terms of maintaining old processes and developing new processes.