Banca Ubae


it Consult for Banca Ubae

it Consult provided Banca UBAE with josh, the software to support the organisation’s business processes.

With josh, Banca UBAE managed to make document management fast and homogeneous, extending the capabilities of SharePoint.

For the UBAE Bank, the efficiency and rigor in executing processes is of vital importance. In adopting a Workflow and Business Process Management platform, the fear was that it might make our organization inflexible. To the contrary, josh has shown itself to be extremely flexible and versatile and it has allowed us to reach results in efficiency without overloading our organizational machine

Enrico Pilotti, UBAE Organization Direction

Main needs

Given the peculiarity of its business, somewhere between the banking, financing and contracts, the UBAE Bank needs to:

  • to structure the operating processes and the underlying documentation in order to streamline the complex internal procedures of the Bank and make them more efficient;
  • to have the availability of strong document management and corresponding search engine.

Our solution

Simplify the management of processes and documentation, which is, in all respects, the heart of the core business of this sector, making the search for information more immediate and easier when needed.

All this through the adoption of josh.

Some benefits

With josh the UBAE Bank has succeeded in meeting all of the goals set in the design phase:

  • improvement in quality and efficiency in executing the processes with reduction of the corresponding execution times;
  • Simple access to document sources, also thanks to the search system;
  • integration with the traditional work environment to minimize the impact on personnel.