it Consult for Scavolini

Scavolini has activated a high integration document management system characterized by archiving and indexing processes that are advanced but extremely intuitive.

Main needs

The main need emerged in Scavolini were:

  • To make the document archiving system centralized, uniform and efficient;
  • Identification of an open, integrated and advanced document management platform;
  • Rationalization of document flows with activation of a system for substitutive conservation.

Our solution

The collaboration between it Consult and Microsoft has allowed to lower the costs of paper, to optimize the document processes and to rationalize the flows of all movements, ensuring maximum usability and maximum information sharing to all of the internal and external corporate players.

Some benefits

Thanks to josh Archive! Scavolini,  has obtained:

  • Rationalization of the document management processes and cost reduction;
  • Certified substitutive conservation, traceability and information quality;
  • Knowledge management and an increase in individual productivity.