it Consult for Galdi

Thanks to josh, Galdi was able to make the non-conformity management process efficient by reducing time and resources spent on purely operational activities. This automated management of the process made it possible to occupy resources in the most strategically important activities.

Adopting josh has allowed us to collect data more accurately and efficiently, so that we can carry out the necessary analyses to identify critical issues and improve the non-conformity management process.

Andrea Mattiuzzo IT Manager, Galdi

Main needs

The main needs emerged in Galdi were:

  • to significantly improve the management of the internal and external non-conformities process, in all its phases;
  • to manage the most operational activities more efficiently to leave space and use their resources in activities of greater strategic value.

Our solution

Mapping of the issuing and management of non-conformities, with design of process tasks, designation of executors, automatic execution. A complete and accurate data management enabling real-time quality analysis.

All this through the adoption of the josh platform.

Some benefits

By using josh, Galdi immediately saw significant benefits, such as:

  • direct savings of at least 80 man hours per year for the collection and cataloguing of data relating to non-conformities,
  • improvement of the quality of data collected with automatic mechanisms;

In short, josh has not only generated efficiency through direct savings in man-hours, allowing resources to deal with more valuable activities, but has also had a much greater and significant economic impact.