it Consult for Montenegro

Thanks to josh, the Montenegro Group was able to take control of the work processes, making them simple and saving time and resources. josh also allowed to limit the use of email, providing more efficient and widely shared collaborative tools.

We found josh to be a flexible and functional instrument to support processes that also involved partners outside the company. With josh, it was easy to build models, monitor the progress of tasks and share documents to support the process.

Lorenzo Chiari ITC Manager, Gruppo Montenegro Spa

Main needs

The main needs emerged in Montenegro were:

  • to manage the Marketing activities related to the development of new graphics for its products. These activities brought slowdowns and the possibility of error, with serious damage to the overall marketing strategies, which is very important for the visibility of the company;
  • to manage the on-boarding of new employees. The company had difficulties manually managing the entry of the different types of new staff into the company, each with different needs;
  • to manage the large amount of documents coming from agents, that were managed through the simple exchanges of emails, which increased the possibility of losing evidence of important documents.

Our solution

Synchronize the activites within the company, reduce the communication gap and save time and resources. Promote collaboration with the outside world as if it were internal to the organization.

All this through the adoption of the josh platform.

Some benefits

Thanks to the use of josh, Montenegro has obtained important and immediately noticeable benefits:

  • Integration between external consultants and internal operators of the company;
  • Organisation and efficiency in carrying out the activities;
  • Greater speed and reduction of costs in the procedures.

In short, josh created efficiency and synchrony between the company functions, allowing a considerable saving of time and improvement of the quality of the results. Montenegro is constantly developing new processes (and evolving existing ones) through josh.