it Consult for Uninettuno

it Consult, with josh Protocol!, has allowed UNINETTUNO to improve its performance in research, classification and access to documents of the entire organisation.

it Consult has proven to be a company made up of professionals, competent in document registration and management. Its solution is technologically advanced, as a modern company requires. Previous data was migrated in a very short time without any problems.

Raimondo Sepe ITC Manager, UNINETTUNO

The main need

The main need emerged in UNINETTUNO was to record, search and access all of the organisation’s documents quickly and intuitively, and to make them accessible through the internet.

Our solution

Managing and classifying a large documentary heritage produced and updated daily, through the creation of files and a full-bodied title, a system that identifies the organisation’s functions in a hierarchical line.

All this through the adoption of the josh Protocol! platform.

Some benefits

Thanks to the use of josh Protocol!, UNINETTUNO has obtained important and immediately noticeable benefits:

  • greater flexibility, which is essential for UNINETTUNO’s mission because it allows to connect users remotely;
  • improvement of the collection and management of information and documents, sharing and internal communication thanks to the sorting, search/classification of documents and assignment notifications;
  • reduction of time and in the use of paper, resulting in a reduction of any “manual” errors and/or losses caused by archiving and paper management.