About us

it Consult is the leading software house in Italy in the Microsoft environment for services and development of software platforms for Organization Intelligence, i.e Business Process, Workflow, Document and Knowledge Management and in areas  like DigitPA standard Computer Procedures, Document Filing and Substitutive Document Conservation.

Innovation is the guideline that strongly characterizes the way it Consult does business.

It is essential for an hi-tech company, and in particular for a software house, to take the best technology offers and simply tailor it to the client’s needs.

The Organization Intelligence discipline at the base of the it Consult core business makes it possible to model, develop and enhance the intelligence of Organizations, playing on the Processes that govern it, the Skills (Competences) necessary for running processes and the Content that those processes produce.

The it Consult principles are concentrate on:

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  • the centrality of people: a company is, first and foremost, the expression of the individuals that constitute it;
  • intensifying and enhancing the skills;
  • the absolute value of the professionalisms that make up the organization;
  • permanent training, knowledge sharing, continuous innovation;
  • the enthusiasm and involvement of the people who make up the company.
  • Products and services resulting from these suppositions cannot but be excellent.

it Consult’s objectives are directed at creating technological tools and frameworks in support of companies in the process of migrating towards new organizational models which are characterized by great dynamism and by the exasperation of competition and suited to the scenarios of the global economy.

This is the it Consult mission: “Creating market standard software platforms for Organization Intelligence”.