it Consult for Centostazioni

Using a document management platform based on SharePoint technology and josh, the company created a single method for share information and processes, thus increasing internal collaboration and sharing.

Main needs

The main needs that emerged in Centostazioni were:

  • Enabling information sharing between the sales area and the technical staff;
  • Improving customer service;
  • Ensuring observation of the DigitPA standard.

Our solution

The solution resulting from the work carried out jointly by it Consult and Microsoft, has made it possible to adopt a work model based on the autonomy of each person in managing projects and customer relations, through Microsoft solutions, josh and josh Protocol!.

Some benefits

By using josh and josh Protocol!, Centostazioni has achieved important benefits, such as:

  • tool for flexible management of structured data;
  • rapid, immediate information access;
  • possibility of designing, updating, executing and monitoring processes in real time.

Thanks to this solutions, it has been possible to create a dynamic and optimized work model.