it Consult for Solvay

it Consult supplied Solvay Specialty Polymers with josh, the support software for the organization’s business processes. With josh, Solvay succeeded in achieving quick, homogeneous document management by integrating it with existing work processes and exploiting the possibilities of SharePoint more fully.

The use of josh has allowed us to meet all of the needs identified in the preliminary analysis: designing, executing and monitoring the state of advancement of the processes is extremely useful. All of this has allowed us to rapidly obtain a strong return on the investment.

Massimo Benella – Reliability Team IT

Main needs

The main needs arose in Solvay Solexis were:

  • to review the production structure and systems in order to upgrade and modern the whole organization;
  • to manage the documentation in a more structured way, because it was difficult to share and maintain control over the correct versions and updates.

Our solution

Ensure high flexibility and organisation of processes and documents, maintaining strong adherence to internal procedures and saving time and resources as all the subjects needed to carry out the process are called into question automatically and when they actually need to intervene.

All this through the adoption of the josh platform.

Some benefits

For Solvay Solexis, josh was and is very useful and various benefits can be identified:

  • Elimination of the time wasted in looking for documentation necessary for the start-up of a project;
  • Clarity as to the procedure to be followed and on the state of the activity; the fact that operations are guided by the processes guarantees that work is fluid and security in the attribution/acceptance of the management responsibilities of the various document phases;
  • Elimination of the overhead due to communications between departments.