What is josh

josh is a web application within a portal, that gives a list of tasks to be performed. It is a software in support of the organization’s business processes, that makes it possible to design processing (modeling) but which is not limited to a mere graphic representation because it allows real execution (automation). In fact, starting from the design of a process (workflow) and from the company’s various professional figures, it is possible to automatically manage the assignment of the tasks to the single corporate functions, indicating which documents to use and how the operations must be carried out.

In reality, josh is the enterprise class integrated software program for Organization Intelligence which:

  • makes the implementation, the execution and the monitoring of processes based systems fluid, with an exceptional level of productivity and reactivity (it is very simple to make changes requested by the organization to the single processes);
  • it does not require the involvement of computer technicians because it is designed as a business oriented tool;
  • it meets the various management needs of destructured data (particularly documents, processes, skills).

Technically it is composed of three fundamental modules:

  • document management, based on Microsoft SharePoint technology (ECM – Enterprise Content Management System)
  • the engine for graphic description and execution of business processes (BPMS – Business Process Management System)
  • the map of the organization and of the individual skills.

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This set-up interprets the task of Organization Intelligence, using the big three: Organization Processes, the Competences needed to perform them, the Content (documents) that they produce (PCC – Processes Competences Contents).

The josh server can be accessed from the applications, for the most part web applications, destined to the various types of people involved:

  • josh Client – web application incorporated in the corporate portal – users who execute the processes
  • Reporting Server – web based reporting application – managers and process managers
  • josh Mapper – client application for modeling the organization – analysts and organizational managers
  • josh Designer – client application for process design – analysts and process managers

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josh is applicable to many operative areas, especially because of its peculiar ability of adapting to the modus operandi of every organization. Its adoption is frequently justified by the savings in time and money with respect to the development of custom applications, but brings with it many advantages only apparently collateral which have to do with the effectiveness of the processes on which josh is used, favoring the collaboration between people and the capitalization of their experience, thanks to exclusive functions like contextual search for experts, suggestion of useful documents, social BPM functions.

The orientation towards business people who are not necessarily programmers or other IT experts (who also find great expressive possibilities for daring customization and integration) makes josh a structural response to the need to support the management of processes which frequently change and to deal with and work out the problem of the IT response times to the business when the processes change.

All it Consult software solutions are also available in the cloud environment, both as a PaaS service (Platform As A Service) using Microsoft Azure, and in SaaS mode (Software As a Service).

Consult the Service Level Agreement.

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How josh works

josh‘s operation is based on a description of a company processes. This means that, starting from the design of a workflow, and from the various professional figures in the company, it is possible to automatically assign tasks to the various corporate functions, indicating which documents to use and how certain operations are to be carried out.

From this standpoint, josh makes it possible to:

  • make the knowledge incorporated into the company processes clearhighlighting the Best Practices and making them common assets of the organization
  • map company knowledge using a “competencies tree” which is dynamically updated during the execution of the workflows, this also ensures the possibility of analysing the training gaps in the company human resources, in real time
  • capture tacit knowledge and to signal which documents are useful for specific activities, correlating the resources (for example a document) with the work phase in which they are produced, modified or utilized.

In doing this, josh guarantees:

  • the project or service manager, an indication of which methods and on what terms the various tasks are assigned to the various people
  • the users, automatic reception, at their desks of notification of the tasks to be carried out. They may continue with their own work without modifying their work habits at all
  • Management, the possibility of keeping tabs on project advancement, task execution and the knowledge utilized/produced, as well as obtaining statistics on the processes and resources.

More Information

josh's Tool

josh’s modules are best seen in the various user tools.


the tool used to graphically define the company processes and to assign the tasks that comprise them to the potential actors, based on a variety of policies. In each single task, various actions can be easily specified, and in any case, it is possible to write a custom .NET code


the environment in which the user receives the tasks to be executed from the system. Also used to give a detailed view of the workflow and of its relative state of advancement.

In this environment the user received, from the system, the tasks to be performed, divided between assigned tasks (in push mode) and voluntary tasks (in pull mode). It is also used to display in detail the workflow and its relative state of advancement. It is a SharePoint web part hosted within the company portal which requires no installation by the user.

 Reporting Server 

thanks to the powerful integration of SQL Server Reporting Services, josh Reporting Server allows real-time (or post) process monitoring as well as the aggregated analysis of the KPI, which are easy to edit and always available, also because it is directly built-in to SharePoint. Therefore, using Reporting Server, it is easy to receive objective and automatic data for ABC (Activity Based Costing) industrial accounting.



used to map the company knowledge using a “competencies tree” which is dynamically updated during the processes. This also ensures the possibility of analysing the training gaps in the company’s human resources, in real time, and of providing an updated model of the organization in terms of Actors and Roles.

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