josh Scanner


josh Archive! offers a mass function for scanning paper documents and the possibility of interfacing and integrating with the most commonly used management systems. These services of elevated value allow the acceptance of various types of documents with the peculiarity of drawing the maximum benefit from both in terms of quality, completeness and functionality.

The paper documents are scanned using josh Scanner (integrated in josh Archive!) for the acquisition of the documents in electronic format, thus making them available for automatic archiving in the Microsoft SharePoint document management system. josh Scanner offers functions for printing and interpreting barcodes (including bi-dimensional) to be placed on the document to identify it univocally.

Passive Cycle: types of Generic Documents

Using josh Scanner, josh Archive! provides the concept of Generic Documents: a sort of simple reference assigned to the documents pending destination type sorting when the information relative to the document will be entered into the management system.

Finally, also using josh Scanner, support to the passive cycle is completed by the possibility to easily and intuitively manage digital files, as well. Using Drag & Drop, the files and e-mails can be “dragged” into josh Scanner directly from system files or from Microsoft Outlook.

Other optional tools

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