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As it was in 2014 for the Public Administrations, on 1st January 2019 all companies must issue and receive invoices in electronic format capable of ensuring the authenticity of the origin, the integrity of the content and the legibility of the invoice from the moment of its issue until the end of its retention period.

With josh B2B it is possible to manage both outgoing and incoming electronic invoices in all phases: generation/reception, monitoring and finally storage. With the possible importing/exporting of the data contained in the invoices to and from the software (ERP).

Both receivables and payables can be read in an absolutely natural way by users thanks to the features of the josh Archive! viewer, which shows them using a standard mode and formats them in a graphic layout similar to a traditional invoice.

B2B electronic invoicing - Receivables

Considering the receivables, the electronic invoice can be created and then taken from your own management system, or created automatically by josh B2B starting from an exchange table, digitally signed and transmitted to the ES via certified electronic mail (PEC), or through the SDICoop-Transmission Service, an application cooperation service based on WebService.

Moreover, josh B2B takes care of managing all the notifications received on the progress of the electronic invoice (delivery to the ES, reception by the recipient, acceptance by the Public Administrations, etc.) on an effective dashboard accessible via the web.

Once the invoice has been accepted, the process can be said to be almost finished; in fact, josh Archive! automatically generates the archives containing electronic invoices and all its notifications, digitally signing them and sending them to Conservation (internally or at accredited Conservatories), in full compliance with regulations.

B2B electronic invoicing - Payables

Per quanto riguarda invece il ciclo passivo, josh B2B fa in modo che il cliente riceva la fattura elettronica sul canale prescelto, ad esempio sulla propria casella di Posta Elettronica Certificata (PEC), insieme a tutte le notifiche relative alla fattura.

josh Archive! anche in questo caso si occupa di creare un fascicolo contente la fattura elettronica e le sue notifiche, salvandolo direttamente su Microsoft SharePoint, dove rimane ​disponibile per la Conservazione oltre ad essere facilmente ricercabile e consultabile.

The josh B2B advantages

Thanks to josh B2B, your organisation finally has the possibility to take control of electronic invoicing directly, without going through an intermediary. But what does this mean in practical terms?

The vast majority of software suppliers offer their own service (hub or intermediary) that manages the sending and receipt of electronic invoices to the ES (Exchange System), the Revenue Agency’s structure, which is outsourced. In other words, the received and issued invoices are first processed by the software and then forwarded to another intermediary who, in turn, sends the invoices to the Revenue Agency.

It is quite intuitive, however, to understand that in reality this double step represents only a complication and an increase in costs, as well as a possible risk in terms of privacy and loss of control over your data:

  1. The “double jump” Company> Intermediary> ES is an unnecessary technical complication that does not increase reliability and rather poses problems in diagnosing errors and identifying liability (“Is it the fault of the Revenue Agency? Is it the fault of the intermediary?”);
  2. Economic convenience only for the intermediary, who collects a few cents for each invoice that passes through the Revenue Agency’s ES;
  3. In an era of growing importance and economic value of data, it is not at all a good idea to make available to the intermediary all the most relevant information on the company’s sales and purchases, not to mention the opportunity to extend the informed consent of all customers/suppliers to the transfer of their data to third parties (aspect not negligible under the effect of the GDPR).

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