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Josh Protocol! requires:


The server components of josh Protocol! require:

  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022, 2019 and previous versions
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server Subscription Edition, SharePoint 2019, 2016 or SharePoint Online (part of Microsoft 365, so in hybrid cloud configuration)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and previous versions

In addition to physical computers, virtual VMware and Hyper-v machines can be used. Registration components for users require a personal computer based on Microsoft Windows systems (11,10,8,7, Vista). Any computer with a modern browser installed is sufficient for the viewing and management of registers.

josh Protocol! is also available in the mobile version. The josh Protocol! app is available for iOS and Android in respective stores.


Additional filters (iFilter) for full-text indexing (.p7m, PDF-OCR) or by other producers. Not available in SaaS mode.

Microsoft Office SmartCard reader. Further requirements are necessary for the use of josh Scanner, the automatic document scanning software.

josh Protocol! in cloud

In addition to on-premises installation described in the previous point, josh Protocol! is also available in cloud, in Saas mode (Software as a Service). josh Protocol! Live obviously does not require a server and enables the use of josh Protocol! as a pay-per-use service available online, inclusive of all fees for the management and updating of the software and underlying infrastructure. josh Protocol! Live uses the Microsoft Azure infrastructure and enables the use of Microsoft 365 subscription (also if already held by the organisation), thanks to which access to SharePoint Online is possible.

josh Protocol! Live can also be installed in PaaS mode in Microsoft Azure. In this case the requirements are as follows: Azure Active Directory, App Service Plan for Web Apps, SQL Azure, Virtual Machine, Storage account for Blob containers and SharePoint Online. Cloud IaaS configurations on different providers are also possible. For even greater flexibility in the use of josh Protocol, a hybrid mode can also be adopted, enabling the integration of josh Protocol! whatever the installation mode, with SharePoint Online.


josh Protocol! Live is SaaS qualified, as required by AgID, and is present in the catalogue of Cloud services for PA insofar as it is fully compliant with all requirements set forth in AGID Memorandum no. 3, dated 9th April 2018, including reliability and security.


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