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Processi pre-analisi josh

How josh works

josh's operation is based on a description of a company processes. This means that, starting from the design of a workflow, and from the various professional figures in the company, it is possible to automatically assign tasks to the various corporate functions, indicating which documents to use and how certain operations are to be carried out.

From this standpoint, josh makes it possible to:

  • make the knowledge incorporated into the company processes clear, highlighting the Best Practices and making them common assets of the organization
  • map company knowledge using a "competencies tree" which is dynamically updated during the execution of the workflows, this also ensures the possibility of analysing the training gaps in the company human resources, in real time
  • capture tacit knowledge and to signal which documents are useful for specific activities, correlating the resources (for example a document) with the work phase in which they are produced, modified or utilized.

In doing this, josh guarantees:

  • the project or service manager, an indication of which methods and on what terms the various tasks are assigned to the various people
  • the users, automatic reception, at their desks of notification of the tasks to be carried out. They may continue with their own work without modifying their work habits at all
  • Management, the possibility of keeping tabs on project advancement, task execution and the knowledge utilized/produced, as well as obtaining statistics on the processes and resources.


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