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What is josh Protocol!
With the term case management system we refer to the set of calculation resources, the equipment, the communication networks and the computer procedures used by the PA for document management. In addition to this definition, the reference norm (Italian Presidential Decree 445/2000) gives specific indications regarding whether or not a Case Management system is valid, in particular based on 4 possible levels of creation:
· Minimum Nucleus
· Document Management
· Document WorkFlow
· BPR “Business Process Reengineering”
josh Protocol! is natively integrated with Microsoft SharePoint technology and with the it Consult josh platform; it covers 4 levels of the DigitPA standard (ex Cnipa ), the Italian agency which sets the standards of all the Public Administration (PA),  and its place within the system is that of a fundamental technological solution for starting up - in reality - the modernization process of the PA. 


josh Protocol! supports and natively integrates Active Directory, thus simplifying the management of accesses to Microsoft SharePoint. The management of the josh Protocol! permissions finally makes it possible to completely control all of the actions which can be made by the various users on a single document. josh Protocol! also makes an activities register available that traces all of the actions by the various users on recorded documents.

josh Protocol! allows the recording of incoming/outdoing paper and electronic documents, using a variety of methods: from a dedicated station, via web, via Outlook. The paper documents are recorded using the josh Scanner tool (integrated into the platform) which allows the acquisition of the document in electronic format, after it has been "registered and stamped" with a bar code and a label has been affixed to the document itself. The system can also monitor a Certified Electronic Mailbox (an e-mail system that in Italy has the same legal value of the certified e-mail) by actually integrating the document recording procedure into the normal e-mail system.
josh Scanner is the software module used for professional scanning, compatible with TWAIN and/or ISIS scanners. Paper documents are scanned using josh Scanner for the acquisition of documents in electronic format, thus making them available to the user; in addition the tool offers functions for printing and the interpretation of barcodes (including bi-dimensional) to be added to the document for univocal identification.

Advanced search functions carried out on identifier fields of the documents allow them to be immediately found. Using the powerful Microsoft SharePoint full-text indexing service, josh Protocol! can carry out the search for the documents based on the content and directly display within the portal the data regarding the recorded documents, allowing the possibility of using even destructured information quickly and highly intuitively.
Display and management of recorded document
josh Protocol! allows full respect of the requisites for privacy and protection of the public documents collection. Given the flexibility of the authorization policies, the Registering user decides which users/groups have access to the document and how (display only, saving to a local machine, printing of one copy of the document, forwarding via mail). josh Protocol! also offers the possibility of displaying the document properties, the dossier it belongs in and its relation to other documents and/or dossiers present, as well as information on the digital signature, if present.
A simple interface shows the complete list of the records registry which can then be exported and digitally signed in compliance with the laws and regulations in force. Consolidation may by either programmed or manual and, if desired, may be a prelude to the successive phase of Substitutive Conservation of the recorded documents.
josh Protocol! allows the start-up of a process/workflow upon recording: therefore not only the recorded document is made available for consultation by the authorized users, but the system automatically sends the josh process tasks to be performed to those involved. Similarly, the recording interface can be enabled during the execution of a process.
































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