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The josh Protocol! components
The functions of the platform are contained in four main sub-systems:
josh Protocol! WebAdmin – Component integrated in Microsoft SharePoint allows the easy and simple management of the entire Case Management environment and of the single department, Homogenous Organizational Area in the josh Protocol! terminology . From WebAdmin the main parameters of the application can be set, the records registry and the consolidation activities can be managed. It is also possible to administrate the Homogeneous Organizational Areas, the Organizational Units (OU) of the entire structure as well as the Users, with the possibility of also monitoring their permissions on a document management level (role assigning).
josh Protocol! FrontEnd – Groups the search functions and the activities related to document management.  Completely integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, it is the part of FrontEnd that allows secure, easy and intuitive action on the document and allows complete management and control of the Case Management activities by the user whose role has been enabled. The user in charge of records management has a complete view of the assigned documents in the recording phase.
josh Protocol! Viewer – The web displayer allows complete management on a server level of the display of the documents present in the system.  Great attention has been given to the management of the permissions assigned to the users: the distinctive characteristic of this component lies in the possibility of authorizing and tracing the single operations on the documents, namely printing, saving locally, forwarding via mail and, naturally, the simple viewing of the document.
Viewer josh Protocol!
josh Protocol! allows the recording of incoming/outdoing paper and electronic documents, using a variety of methods: from a dedicated station, via web, via Outlook. The paper documents are recorded using the josh Scanner tool (integrated into the platform) which allows the acquisition of the document in electronic format, after it has been "registered and stamped" with a bar code and a label has been affixed to the document itself.
The system can also monitor a Certified Electronic Mailbox (an e-mail system that in Italy has the same legal value of the certified mail) by actually integrating the document recording procedure into the normal e-mail system.
Tutorial for CEM (Certified E-Mail) registration with the CNIPA standard Case Management.
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