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Why conserve paper documents if we can do without them?

Dematerialization, an important choice for efficiency because: 

·         because of its concrete benefits
·         a it is legal
·         it is supported by technology and software
Eliminating paper and replacing it with archived documents in electronic format is possible today with josh Archive! which supports the entire Substitutive Conservation process in full compliance with the legal obligations stated in the legislation in force.
Info Jam - tool per la Conservazione Sostitutiva 


The placement of Digital Signature and Time Stamp on the documents for conservation are the final phases of the Substitutive Conservation process, after which it is finally possible to proceed with the real dematerialization of the documents.

josh Archive! allows the complete and final destruction of paper because the corresponding electronic documents produced by the josh InfoJam tool have the guarantee features required by the law and are therefore conserved substitutively for all rights and purposes.
josh Archive! aims at practicality and ease o fuse, making these functions available on a massive scale, thus providing an easy to use tool that significantly accelerated the entire process.
The envisioned checks against the exhibition of the conserved documents make it possible to immediately ascertain the state of the Conserved Archive in terms of the placement of the Digital Signature and Time Stamp, and also the validity of the certificates used by the Documents Conservation Manager.
josh InfoJam also provides full support for the generation of SML files for transmitting the Imprints of the Computer Archives to the Internal Revenue Service as envisioned by the legislation in force.





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