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Giovanni Marrè speech at General Confederation of Italian Industry.aspx
No presence informationEnrico Ripalti14/09/2018 11:31No presence informationEnrico Ripalti14/09/2018 11:1502/09/2018
A new headquarter for it Consult.aspx
No presence informationEnrico Ripalti14/09/2018 11:13No presence informationEnrico Ripalti14/09/2018 10:5405/09/2018
IT Consult and Microsoft collaboration for josh Protocol!.aspx
No presence informationEnrico Ripalti14/09/2018 10:42No presence informationEnrico Ripalti14/09/2018 10:1711/09/2018
The New josh 7 is here.aspx
No presence informationEnrico Ripalti14/09/2018 10:11No presence informationEnrico Ripalti14/09/2018 10:0204/09/2018
The solution for Electronic Invoices to the Public Administration.aspx
No presence informationPatrizia Peitas09/04/2014 17:37No presence informationPatrizia Peitas09/04/2014 17:3409/04/2014
it Consult announces the launching of the 6th release of josh.aspx
No presence informationPatrizia Peitas16/01/2014 10:19No presence informationPatrizia Peitas14/01/2014 11:4914/01/2014
New Case Study - UBAE Bank - Innovating a Business Bank by automating its business processes.aspx
No presence informationPatrizia Peitas31/10/2013 15:49No presence informationPatrizia Peitas31/10/2013 15:4718/10/2013
New case study - Miele Italy - Corporate Skills Management as the key to excellence in the world of home appliances.aspx
No presence informationPatrizia Peitas31/10/2013 15:45No presence informationPatrizia Peitas31/10/2013 15:3814/10/2013
The eleventh edition of Knowledge Box, the it Consult convention on Organization Intelligence will be held in Milan.aspx
No presence informationPatrizia Peitas08/10/2013 16:32No presence informationPatrizia Peitas08/10/2013 16:2908/10/2013
New job opportunity.aspx
No presence informationPatrizia Peitas25/09/2013 15:57No presence informationPatrizia Peitas25/09/2013 15:5525/09/2013
New case study - The autonomy and efficiency of the Vatican Museums in the management of document processes.aspx
No presence informationPatrizia Peitas17/07/2013 18:07No presence informationPatrizia Peitas17/07/2013 18:0517/07/2013
Knowledge Box Spring 2013 - Rome.aspx
No presence informationPatrizia Peitas27/06/2013 16:52No presence informationPatrizia Peitas27/06/2013 16:4829/04/2013
New case histories.aspx
osv.admin Osvaldo Aluigi19/06/2013 11:12No presence informationPatrizia Peitas28/05/2013 15:5121/05/2013
OMAT IN ROME - 14 and 15 of November.aspx
osv.admin Osvaldo Aluigi19/06/2013 11:12No presence informationPatrizia Peitas28/05/2013 16:0009/11/2012
it Consult certifies josh on Windows 8.aspx
osv.admin Osvaldo Aluigi19/06/2013 11:11No presence informationPatrizia Peitas28/05/2013 16:1030/10/2012
Guido Bacigalupi nominated Area Manager for Central Southern Italy by it Consult.aspx
osv.admin Osvaldo Aluigi19/06/2013 11:10No presence informationPatrizia Peitas28/05/2013 16:1319/07/2012
it Consult launches the new multi-language version of the company web site.aspx
osv.admin Osvaldo Aluigi19/06/2013 11:09No presence informationPatrizia Peitas11/06/2013 11:3210/06/2013
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